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Experts for cooling process in Rubber Mixing rooms


Future with tradition starting from 1976

For more than 40 years Prodicon has been developing and manufacturing Quality machines for Rubber Mixing rooms around the globe.


Our Customers are the largest tire manufacturers in the world with headquarters in Europe, Asia and America as well as the leading producers of general rubber products for a wide range of industrial applications.


The longlasting international development relations allow us to propose custom made solutions for Greenfield or Brownfield applications in the tire industry as well as highly automatized solutions for the leading rubber compounders.

Our promise and values

+40 years of service for our clients

Prodicon has a solid history with corresponding banks as a standalone unit and as part of the Steinl Group. As such, financing for large projects is available as well as standard bank garanties for downpayments and as warranty securisation. In the + 40 years history of Prodicon, no customer has ever utilized a bank garanty for any purpose.


As Prodicon machines typically last up to 20 years, the full service of spareparts is fundamental to customers and guaranteed.

Recently Prodicon has upgraded stockfeeders to the latest safety requirements and electronics used today – the mechanical parts of the machines (cutting device) were ready to continue operation even after 20! years of use in plants.


Prodicon considers its customers as longterm partners and interacts with them with a highly service oriented and longterm approach.

Five out of the ten largest tire manufacturers in the world have been and continue to be longterm customers for Prodicon in their global operations – to maintain and constantly improve this type of relationship is the mission for the Prodicon employees.


Our values concerning our social responsibility policy – promoting sustainable behaviours and enhancing human resources -, are documented in our CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, that reflects everything we do.

Steinl Group

A strong partner

Prodicon is part of the Steinl Group, a family owned company serving the global Rubber Industry with a wide range of products for more than 50 years.

It is the spirit and entrepreneurship of the founders, that are driving our employees today to meet and exceed customer demands.


And it is the conservative financial approach of the same founders, that has continued the development and growth of these companies also during economically challenging times.

Prodicon is a proud member of the financially stable and longterm oriented Steinl Group.